Transmission Light On: How to Resolve It?

Getting an illuminated transmission mild is undesirable information!

There could be numerous good reasons for the transmission gentle remaining on. We’re going to guideline you on the various difficulties you could be dealing with. But what ever the dilemma is, resolving it need to be a priority.

Let’s examine some of the typical difficulties that can power a transmission light to occur up.

transmission fluid color chartReduced transmission fluid – The most popular problem

An overheated transmission will cause mechanical failures in a vehicle.

To avert these types of troubles, car house owners must lubricate their transmission employing transmission fluid for good gear shifts. The fluid is also dependable for trying to keep the system awesome. In excess of time, it may perhaps evaporate or leak, main to issues with the transmission.

Indicators of lower transmission fluid

Automobile homeowners can seem for the following symptoms to enable them establish a very low transmission fluid issue:

  • Buzzing noises
  • A burning odor
  • Slipping out of gears

How to repair it?

There are two achievable answers that you can consider:

  • Topping up the transmission fluid
  • Repairing any leaks

Topping transmission fluid ($20 to $50 for every gallon) is a speedy do-it-you process. But remember, diverse autos use diverse forms of transmission fluid. Make absolutely sure to verify the car’s proprietor guide for the proper kind.

Take away the dipstick and wipe it clean with a cloth. Area it again in for a though and consider it out at the time once again to study the fluid level. If it is very low, you would require to leading it up.

Correcting leaks is a bit specialized, but almost nothing too difficult. Verify the pan gasket for any free bolts that can lead to leaks. If the bolts are tight, then you may have a cracked pan gasket.

For minor leaks, you can use transmission halt leak fluid ($10 – $12). For larger cracks, you would will need to switch the gasket ($20 – $25). You can do this at dwelling and conserve on your own some revenue!

Besides lower transmission fluid, dirty fluid can also result in difficulties with the transmission, producing the mild to come on.

Check out for soiled transmission fluid

If the fluid level is all right, then you will require to verify the coloration of the transmission fluid. A darker colour is a indicator that you ought to replace the fluid.

Clear away the dipstick and wipe it with a paper towel. Transmission fluid has three different colors to aid car entrepreneurs figure out the mother nature of the challenge and these are:

  • Vibrant crimson: Usual indicator
  • Dim red: Fluid needs changing
  • Brown or black: An alarming indication

If the fluid ranges are high-quality and the coloration is vibrant red, then the problem is a thing else. Getting an OBD2 scanner can support determine the key difficulty.

A brown or black fluid colour is a lead to for worry as one thing negative could by now have happened with the transmission method.

To type this out, there are three feasible remedies:

  • Altering the oil filter – $100 to $200
  • Finish transmission flush – $250 to $340
  • Replace or rebuild the whole transmission – $1,200 to $5,000

You must get your car to a close by mechanic when the transmission fluid is brown or black.

Use OBD2 scan device for accurate diagnosis

If the transmission fluid is alright, then you may have even larger troubles on your arms.

To identify the place the issue lies, an OBD2 scan device can appear in handy. An OBD2 scanner is a amazing expenditure. It can help auto entrepreneurs detect fundamental challenges with their motor vehicles, encouraging them help save a good deal of income down the highway.

An OBD2 scanner reads fault codes from unique vehicle modules that reveal the challenges with the auto. However, there is terrible information.

A affordable OBD2 scanner will only read fault codes from the engine module and can not help with transmission analysis. For that, you want one thing a minor sophisticated but not as well considerably. A mid-tiered OBD2 device should really operate good below.

Widespread transmission fault codes and what they mean

In this article we will appear at some of the most frequent fault codes that could appear up on your OBD2 scan instrument and what it usually means.

P0218: A signal of an overheated transmission. If the transmission fluid ranges and hues are fantastic, it could be a temperature sensor issue.

P0613: A malfunction owing to shorted wiring or processor failure. A mechanic can take care of this in a jiffy, but it is heading to be an high priced restore career.

P0614: Incompatibility troubles involving the motor manage module and transmission handle module. A new improve in these parts could be leading to this difficulty to occur.

P0700: With this code, your transmission light may possibly be accompanied by an illuminated test motor light. It could show a defective transmission command module.

P0706: A doable challenge with the transmission selection sensor dependable for sleek equipment shifts in a motor vehicle.

P0715: A shorted wire or a defective input pace sensor could cause this fault code.

P0720: A achievable challenge with the output pace sensor can cause a vehicle to have a boggy speedometer, triggering this fault code.

P0729-P0736: A potential equipment challenge requiring a transmission fluid leading-up. Nevertheless, if you still see the fault code right after filling the fluid, you may perhaps have an fundamental dilemma with the torque converter or corroded solenoids.


An illuminated transmission mild is a bad sign that requires your fast attention. Prolonging a car’s diagnosis can complicate present complications, even further worsening the transmission. This can hike your fix/replacement expenses to thousands of bucks.

An OBD2 scanner can support detect underlying concerns, equipping you with plenty of information to head to a mechanic and deal with the trouble. Investing in a person will conserve you a great deal of money in the foreseeable future.

A lot of pick Diy automobile repairs to help save money, which is quite alright. Nonetheless, transmission complications are generally difficult and you really do not want your vehicle to get started getting issues on the highway owing to poor Do-it-yourself repair jobs. If you really do not know what you’re accomplishing, it is very best to permit a expert have a look at it.

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