Ram 1500 Maintenance & Repair Costs (Complete Guide)

Ram 1500 Ram 1500 was launched in 1981 and isn’t among the most popular pickup trucks sold in the US

It’s earned an impressive fan base through the years because of its powerful engine, smooth ride and a nice interior.

In this article, we’ll give you the complete detail of tune-up, maintenance and operating costs

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Here’s the quick answer to the question, is Ram 1500 costly to maintain:

It is worth noting that the Ram 1500 is not expensive to maintain. It is estimated to cost $700 to maintain the Ram 1500 truck each year that’s less than the average annual cost 936 dollars for the class of pickups that is full-sized. A tune-up can cost around $400, and that includes the replacement on spark plugs.

Are Ram 1500 expensive to maintain?

It’s not just that a Ram 1500 reasonably affordable to purchase brand new, it’s also fairly easy to maintain, which is one of its major selling advantages.

When you’re considering buying a brand new car, it’s crucial to look at the costs of maintenance to make sure you’re able to effectively take care of it.

Failure to be on top of regular servicing and repairs can lead to low reliability and decrease the life of your vehicle.

Below is a full cost breakdown of some of the most commonly used prices for Ram 1500. Ram 1500, all data comes obtained from RepairPal:

Ram 1500 Maintenance Cost
Annual maintenance costs$691
Alternator replacement$376 – $576
Oil change$125 – $133
Wiper blade replacement$99 – $118
Air filter replacement$69 – $78
Battery replacement$202 – $209
New brakes$213 – $230
New tires (set of 4)$600 – $800
New tire (one only)$150 – $200
New spark plugs$250 – $293
Tire & wheel assembly rotate & balance$79 – $100
New transmission$2000 – $3500
Tune-up$350 – $450
Wheel alignment$132 – $167
Insurance$1,646 / year (average)

How Much is a Tune-Up on a Ram 1500 ?

This will vary greatly depending on where you take your truck and you can expect to pay more at a Ram dealership than your local mechanic.

You can expect to pay in the region of $400 for a fairly comprehensive Ram 1500 tune-up that includes, but is not limited to:

  • New spark plugs
  • Filters changed
  • Coolant flush
  • Cleaning IAC valve (idle air control)
  • Throttle body clean
  • Transmission and differential fluid change

Whilst your truck is under warranty it is advised you get your truck serviced at a registered Ram dealership.

Regular tune-ups are highly recommended because:

  • They can bring more power back to your engine.
  • Helps your engine run efficiently and start smoothly, which equates to lower emissions and better fuel economy.
  • Ensure long-term engine health and performance.

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Alternator Replacement Cost?

A new alternator for the Ram 1500 will set you at $376 to $565 for a new one that will last from 80,000 to 150,000 miles, or 5 – 10 years.

The cost of labor is around $100 and parts are priced between $300 and $500.

The battery is utilized to power your truck’s engine when your engines stop the alternator helps keep your truck running even as long as the engine is on.

The alternator power many electronic components while you’re driving or idle and also for charging the battery in your truck when you’re driving.

Cost of Oil Change Cost?

A change in oil should be done on the Ram 1500 every 3,000 to five miles for oil that is conventional. Synthetic oil is typically changed every 7,500-10,000 miles.

The price for an oil change is around $125-$133 and this includes labor and parts however, it doesn’t include taxes and charges. A change of oil is one of the most valuable and important services you can have for your truck.

Most intervals between oil changes shouldn’t surpass 10,000 miles 12 months or the equivalent of 350 hours engine running time (whichever occurs first).)

Wiper Blade Replacement Cost?

Blades to clean the windshield of your Ram 1500 can be picked at a cost of around $40 and then installed by you for no cost. However, if you’d prefer an expert to install the blades for you, then you’ll be paying around $100 for labor and parts including taxes and other fees added on top.

It’s a fairly straightforward and easy fix and you could save a few bucks by buying the wiper blades yourself and installing them yourself. There are many YouTube tutorials for this.

Most 1500s come with 22 or 24” blade on both the passenger and driver side. This will depend on the specific model year. Make certain to double-check.

Air Filter Cost of Replacement?

According to RepairPal the replacement of an air filter costs for the Ram 1500 is between $69-$78 which does not include taxes and other fees.

The good thing is that this job, which is done annually or when the filter becomes blocked or stained, can be a quite simple DIY.

Simply lift the hood, find the housing for the air filter and remove the old filter and replace it with the new one, and then replace the cover for the housing.

This can help your car and savings account breathe a bit more comfortably. There are plenty of videos on YouTube to help you with this.

Batteries Replacement Cost?

According to RepairPal RepairPal, replacing the battery on the Ram 1500 should cost about $200, excluding costs and taxes.

Although there aren’t any particular mileage guidelines to determine batteries that need replacement, batteries do eventually go out of service.

The battery life of a car differs based on numerous elements like the conditions, driving habits and battery type, and numerous other things.

In general it’s best to change your battery every 4 to 5 years.

Brand New Brakes Cost?

Ram 1500 brake pads could last between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. Having to do brake maintenance isn’t something that you’ll have to pay for.

The cost of replacing brake pads on your Ram 1500 brake pad according to RepairPal the cost ranges from $213 to $230.

Brake pads diminish with different rates based on various factors, including where you are using your truck, as well as your own driving style.

A tip to extend the lifespan of your brakes, give yourself enough distance to follow from the vehicle in front of you, so that you can cruise to a comfortable, quick stop.

Cost to change Coolant?

If it’s a simple top-up your vehicle requires, then this is probably the most basic maintenance task that you can complete yourself. you can purchase coolant from any petrol station for a few dollars, and then top it off to the required level.

If, however you’re in need of a coolant change, which is as simple as draining the coolant off the radiator’s base and refilling it with new fluids, this will cost you some extra.

According to RepairPal The average price for an Ram 1500 coolant swap is between $51 to 64 dollars (excluding taxes and charges).

Replacing the reservoir for coolant which stores extra coolant that allows coolant to flow into and out as per the demands of the cooling system for the engine is expected to cost between $219 to $228.

How Much Do New Transmissions cost?

Transmissions that are part of the Ram 1500 typically last 10 to 14 years, or approximately 150,000 to 200,000 kilometers, subject to how much use and abuse they receive.

The price for an rebuilt or aftermarket transmission for the Ram 1500 can range between $2000 to $3500.

Tire & Wheel Assembly, Rotate & Balance Cost

Tire rotation makes sure that each tire wears evenly, and balance ensures they’re rolling smooth and without vibration (this can also increase your fuel efficiency).

According to RepairPal according to RepairPal, the cost for the Ram 1500 tire and wheel assembly to rotate and balance is between $79 and $100. and does not include taxes or costs.

How Much Insurance Cost?

As per insuraviz.com the cost for Ram 1500 Insurance is $137/month or $1,646 for the year.

These numbers can be very different according to a variety of variables, including your age, driving record , the requirements of your state, etc.

The Ram 1500 repair costs with Similar Trucks

In this section , we’ll examine the costs for maintenance of the Ram 1500 with its most powerful rivals.

Ram 1500 Vs Chevy Silverado 1500

It is believed that the Ram 1500 and Chevy Silverado 1500 are very closely linked with regard to reliability. They are also pretty alike in terms of the annual cost of repairs.

The Ram is slightly cheaper though, with an average annual repairs total of $691 Vs the Silverado’s $714.

Ram 1500Chevy Silverado
Reliability rating3.5/5.03.5/5.0
Repair Pal ranking4th / 175th / 17
Visits to a repair shop per year0.30.3
Probability of a repair being severe15%15%

Deciding on which vehicle to choose will ultimately come down to whether you are a Chevy or Ram loyalist, however, we can confirm the repair costs are slightly less with the Silverado.

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Ram 1500 Vs Nissan Titan

The Nissan TITAN first came onto to scene in 2004 as an alternative full-size pickup truck.

The clear winner of the repair cost comparison here is the Titan, with an annual average repair cost of $555, that’s $136 less than the Ram.

To put that into perspective the average annual repair cost for all full-size trucks is $936 per year, and as you can see that is almost double what you might expect to pay with the Titan.

Ram 1500Nissan Titan
Reliability rating3.5/5.03.5/5.0
Repair Pal ranking4th / 172nd / 17
Visits to a repair shop per year0.30.3
Probability of a repair being severe15%13%

You can find a full price breakdown of Titan ownership costs here.

Ram 1500 Vs Ford F-150

In recent years there has been a fierce rivalry between the Ram 1500 and Ford F-150, both perennial favorites with American auto shoppers.

In terms of repair costs, the Ram is the cheaper option of the two with an average annual repair cost of $691, that’s approximately $100 less than the F-150.

Ram 1500Ford F-150
Reliability rating3.5/5.03.5/5.0
Repair Pal ranking4th / 177th / 17
Visits to a repair shop per year0.30.3
Probability of a repair being severe15%15%

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How Long is the Ram 1500 Manufacturers Warranty?

When you drive your new 1500 off the dealership lot, you’ll be covered by Rams basic warranty of 36,000 miles / 3 years and a powertrain warranty of 100,000 miles / 5 years.

This length of protection is actually quite common among car manufacturers however it is on the shorter side of warranties.

You can check your warranty status by signing in to the Mopar Owners Site, If you cannot find the VIN number, the only real way to check your vehicle’s factory warranty is to call or visit your local dealership.

The Mopar Owners Site contains all relevant info for your truck including:

  • Owners manuals
  • warranty coverage
  • video tutorials

You can find out what’s covered, for how long, and all the terms and conditions of your warranty coverage, all in one location.


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