Japanese luxury cars brands 2022

Japanese luxury cars brand are well-known for their elegant and sleek designs. There are many models to choose from, including super-sized and compact models. Each model comes with luxurious features that will appeal for any buyer. These are the most well-known Japanese luxury car manufacturers.

  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota
  • Acura
  • Lexus
  • Infiniti
  • Mazda

This blog post will explore these Japanese luxury car manufacturers and discuss what makes them so popular with car enthusiasts.


Mitsubishi models are popular because they offer many options and features that are not available in other luxury cars. Mitsubishi is well-known for its distinctive interior and exterior designs and rich audio system.

The Proudia is Mitsubishi’s most sought-after luxury model. The name Proudia is a tribute to Japan’s ancient name and it was designed with Japanese aesthetics. It features a sleek, aerodynamic body for improved fuel efficiency and a luxurious interior design.

Proudia’s price tag is $50,000, which is a more affordable luxury car than most. Proudia can get up to 41 mpg highway which is great for those looking for an affordable car. It can travel up to 120 mph which is great for sports car enthusiasts. The 4,498cc engine can provide a fast ride when you need it.

The Eclipse Cross is another luxury model that Mitsubishi offers. The exterior design of this model is sleek and modern. It also features an advanced infotainment system capable of providing navigation and entertainment for passengers on the move.

Mitsubishi Proudia

The Eclipse Cross features a 1499cc engine and a turbocharger. It also has a CVT transmission. The Eclipse Cross has four-wheel drive capabilities which are great for snowy drivers.


There are many Toyota models listed on this list of top Japanese luxury car brands, but the Toyota Century is the jewel. This model is a top performer and has features like rear air conditioning vents that warm the feet of passengers in cold weather.

It can reach speeds of 120 km/h, and it gets up to 16 mpg. Toyota Century’s engine has a displacement number of 4767cc. It’s fuel-efficient and emits low emissions. The car also has a refrigerator in the vehicle that holds cool water for passengers to keep them hydrated as they enjoy their ride.

Toyota also produces Land Cruiser models. These are considered one of the most reliable luxury vehicles. The LC200 is the latest Land Cruiser model.

The 240-horsepower VVTi TurboDiesel engine powers the LC 200. It also features unibody construction, which makes it stronger than other Land cruiser models. The LC200 is designed for people who are adventurous and want a vehicle that can do anything.

The Toyota Alphard is also available from Toyota. This luxury model comes from Toyota’s large range of MPVs and minivans. You can fit up to seven people in the vehicle, and you have the option of expanding or removing seats completely.


Acura is a luxury car manufacturer that has been in the market for over three decades. There are many models to choose from, including MDX which has a V-shaped grille and LED accents at the headlights for stunning night vision. You will also find leather seats and dual climate control to ensure an exceptional experience.

Acura MDX has a 280 horsepower engine and a torque output of 270 pounds-feet. It is also fuel efficient, with an EPA rating combined of 22 mpg.

Acura Type S is another amazing creation by Japanese automobile engineers. The turbocharger is twin-scroll and can increase horsepower by 30%. It has a top speed at 167 mph.

The Acura NSX made it onto the list because it was the most expensive car in Japan at the time. However, it still ranks high on the list. It is a rear-wheel-drive, mid-engine design that produces more than 550 horsepower. It has a luxurious carbon fiber body and titanium exhaust.

The NSX has tires that are closer than the ground to reduce drag, making it faster on the track and through corners at high speeds.


Lexus is a popular luxury car brand. Although their models are all different in price, each one offers a high level comfort.

While the Lexus is among the most affordable, it still has some extravagant luxuries that make it worth its weight in Gold. The interior features include soft leather with wood accents, and dual screens behind your steering wheel. This car boasts a 378 horsepower engine.

The Lexus LX350 luxury vehicle is also affordable at $50k, but still has some cool features such as a rearview camera or touchscreen infotainment system.

The Lexus GX460 is a great alternative to the LX 350. It starts at $51k. You will enjoy the luxury of heated and cooled seats, power folding third-row seating with reclining backs for passengers, as well as safety features to help you drive on slippery roads in bad weather.

Lexus Lx 350

The Lexus EX is another great Lexus model. The Lexus ES starts at $36k, has a sleek exterior, luxurious interior, heated seats, and an easy to use infotainment system.



Infiniti, although not as well-known as Acura or Lexus, is a fantastic luxury car brand. You’ll always be aware of what’s happening around you with their cool features such as blind-spot monitoring or lane departure warning systems.

The Red Sport is a stylish and sleek car that starts at $36k. The car has many great features, including blind-spot monitoring or lane departure warning systems. But the best part is that you can customize it to suit your needs from exterior design to interior luxury. The city can get up to 30 mpg. It is not very loud, but the engine sounds aren’t too bad.

Infiniti also makes other luxury models such as the QX70 and the Q60. The QX70 starts at $70k, with some great features such as blind-spot monitoring and lane departure warning.

The Q60 starts at the same price, but it has different luxury features that the QX70. For example, 12 speakers instead of eight or leather seats rather than cloth seats. Although the M37 features are similar to that of the QX70, it also offers a few extra luxury features such as push-button starting and an in-car fridge.


Another top Japanese luxury car brand is Mazda. They offer a wide range of models. The Mazda CX90 and Mazda MX70 are two of their most popular models. They both have powerful engines and all-around suspension systems that provide a pleasant driving experience.

The MX-70’s six-cylinder engine is a key difference to the CX-90’s eight-cylinder engine. The CX-90 comes with a unique chrome grille and LED daytime running lamps. These cars have high clearances and are four-wheel drive, making them ideal for mountain driving.

Mazda CX-9 Interior

For those looking for a luxurious ride with lots of power, the CX-90 is a popular choice. The MX-70 was designed to feel sporty, light and give the driver a better view of the road ahead. Other top Mazda models focus on sporty performance, including turbochargers and aerodynamic designs that improve fuel economy.

Which Japanese luxury car brand should you prefer?

Everybody has different tastes. You may not find something that appeals to you. The models from Lexus and Mazda are great if you prefer sporty, luxurious cars. If you prefer elegant, aristocratic models, Toyota and Mitsubishi are the best choices. No matter which brand you choose, ensure that the car is safe, reliable, fun to drive and great value.

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