Is a BMW a Good First Car 2022? Easy Guide To Your First Car


Hi car lover, welcome to another episode of car reviews. Today we will be looking at “Is a BMW a Good first car?

BMW is a European car standing as an epitome of luxury and class.

It is typical for most of us to want to own a luxury car as our first car, but the question here is BMW is a good first car.

This article will be answering this extensively, including the pros and cons of a BMW.

Is a BMW a Good First Car
Is a BMW a Good First Car

Is a BMW a Good First Car? 

A BMW is a good first car because it has a safety track record and is very reliable. However, they are costly to get and maintain. And higher models tend to be more expensive. So you can go for lower models for a cheaper cost if you want a BMW except for the fact that you have the money.

What are the Different Aspects of a BMW Car

  1. Safety

The Crashworthiness and Crash Avoidance rated the 3-series and the X5 among the Top Safety cars.

As a novice in driving trying to get a new car to start, you must invest in a car with good safety records. And BMW is known to be a very safe car with a track record that justifies it.

Compared to similar luxury car models, a new or used 3-series BMW has an excellent safety track record.  Undoubtedly, 3-series BMW is one of the safest cars on the road.

Also, BMWs offer both all-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive that suits a  new driver than rear-wheel-drive, which demand experience and high-level concentration.

  1. Reliability

BMW is ranked No. 8 out of 29 brands, surpassing luxury automakers like Porsche, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, and Lincoln.

This should tell you that it is a car that you can trust.

  1. Cost

BMW is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cars, both in purchase and maintenance out there, and it can be a backbreaker by purchasing it as a first car

Presently, the cheapest BMW in the market is the X1, and it goes for USD 35,000 for a brand new one. Remember, this is the most affordable BMW, so you can guess how much the other models will cost.

However, if you really want to get a new BMW, and money stands as a factor, you can decide to go for a used one,

However, the 3-series BMWs are not very expensive like the other models. So you can settle for one.

What makes a BMW a Good First Car? 

The features below shows the various ways in which BMW is good as a good first car.

  1. Lane Departure Warning 

While driving on a lane marking, the BMW helps notify you when it detects a gap closing between you and the vehicle before using vibrations on the steering wheel, which displays alert.   This is a very good advantage for a new starter.

  1. Intelligent Side View Cameras 

Apart from providing Back-ups cameras, the BMW offers the “Side View” camera, which provides an extra edge.

Also, some models provide built-in wheel cameras that enable you to cross traffic you might not see or notice.

  1. Parking Assistant 

This feature enables you to measure the parking space and automatically park either perpendicular or parallel.

This is very important as parking a car for the first time can be very stressful, and your vehicle may obtain a scratch doing so. But with this feature, all these are eradicated.

  1. Lane Keeping Assistant 

This feature is only found in newer BMW models. This feature serves as prevent aid that helps the car from unintentionally leaving the correct lane, avoiding any form of collision.

This feature can also detect a vehicle in front braking, which will automatically make it brake as well.

  1. PHEV

This offers exceptional fuel economy which helps the new driver to conserve fuel better.

Is a BMW a Good First Car
Is a BMW a Good First Car

What makes BMW a Bad First Car? 

BMW is not an all perfect car for a starter, there are certain features you need to consider before making it the first car, and they are:

  1. Engine Power

BMW’s engines have high horsepower output on average when compared to other models.

However, this isn’t bad, but too much engine power in the hands of a new starter can be hazardous.

This can result in accidents if don’t correctly manage by a new starter.

  1. Rear Wheel Drive 

Rear-wheel drive isn’t a bad feature in a car, but it requires experience, skill and driving knowledge to operate than the front or all-wheel drive, which can be difficult for a new driver.

And, it can become more complex and even impossible for a new driver while driving in poor road conditions or roads covered with rain, ice, or snow. In such cases, this may lead to fishtailing.

  1. Wheels 

The BMW cars come with big wheels, which are mostly expensive, for you know that inevitably, you will have to change your tire someday. And getting a new big wheel can be back-breaking.

With big wheels come expensive tires, which will inevitably have to be replaced on any car after a long enough time.

Apart from that, as a first-time driver, you may occasionally tear your tire on a curb or something, which can cause damages to your tires. And fixing up a BMW wheel can be very expensive, including replacement. So if you don’t have money enough to sustain a back, don’t go for this as a first car.

Is a BMW a Good First Car for Teenagers? 

It is not a new thing to see teenagers either owning a car or driving one. So we will now be looking at heather BMW is fit for teenagers or not.

Features that make BMW a good first car for a teenager

  • Safety: As stated earlier, crashworthiness and crash avoidance gave BMW a high safety rating, which is good. As such, you are sure that your teenage son or daughter is safe in it.
  • Advanced driving features: BMW has one of the best and reliable driving features that makes driving more straightforward and helps in both directions and to prevent accidents. For breakdown and details on these features, scroll up to read, as extensively explained above.

Features that make BMW a Bad first car for a teenager

  • Cost: BMW is both expensive to buy and repair/maintain. Most of its car part is far beyond that of other luxury cars. And a new engine for BMW is more expensive than buying a new car,
  • Higher cost of insurance: The cost of insuring a BMW is very expensive for young drivers in most cities.
  • Higher horsepower: Most BMW models have higher performance and horsepower than a teenager can handle or operate. And this can lead to accidents or damages to the car if not taken well.
Is a BMW a Good First Car
Is a BMW a Good First Car


Is a BMW 3 Series a Good First Car? 

The BMW 3 series is a great choice for a first car as it serves as the best-selling model and one of the cheapest models of BMW. Also, it comes in a compact family and executive car structure with different advanced dynamics, including its sporty handling.

Also, the 3-series has a lot of advanced driving aids and features, and it was awarded the IIHS Top Safety Pick in 2020.

Furthermore, the 2.0L automatic uses the 30 mpg, which combines the city and highway, which is a great idea.

Is a BMW 1 Series a Good First Car?

The BMW 1 series will serve as a great first car as it possesses all-around visibility, safe handling, an excellent safety record, and low fuel consumption. The only limitation here is that it is costly to purchase and maintain one,

Also, Euro NCAP, after carrying out a crash safety test, gave it a maximum 5-star rating. It also has a  48.7 – 62.8 mpg diesel engine and a great fuel efficiency rate.

It has a good fuel economy, with diesel engines obtaining 48.7 – 62.8 mpg – an essential factor when you’re purchasing your first car.

Which BMW Model is Best as a First Car? 

The 228i xDrive Gran Coupe is regarded as the best BMW for a first car. This is because it is the cheapest BMW, equipped with AWD and a good furl consumption rate, including a track record of safety.

Also, 3-series BMW is a good car for a first startup as it serves as the most mass-produced model making it cheap to purchase and maintain.

Are used BMWs worth buying?

Yes, BMW is worth buying. They don’t only spell class, but their advanced features and great driving aids are worth the cost. The only limitation remains that it is expensive, and most of them are rear-wheel drive.

Is BMWs Exp to Maintain?

According to RepairPal,  the average annual cost for repair and maintenance is $968. This makes it more expensive than other similar models.

Is BMWs Reliable? 

RepairPal rates BMWs 2.5/5 on a reliability rating scale which places it as 30th out of 32 for all car brands.

Based on a consumer survey, JD Power places BMW in the 8th position out of 29 brands, including tops over luxury manufacturers like Lincoln Acura, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

Some models of BMW have proved to be reliable, but the company as a whole has been backlashed because of its expensive parts. So you must sit to calculate and weigh both sides before concluding.

What does driving a BMW says about you?

Driving a BMW makes you appear brave, rich, self-confident and relentless. You sure will get your shoulders all puffed up in this car. This is on a lighter mode, though.

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I hope you loved and found this article interesting. For further information, you can check, Is Infiniti Q50 Reliable.

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