How Long Do Buick Encore Last 2022? All Reliability Questions Answered

Hi car lovers, we have come to another edition of our car review. Today i will look at, “how long do Buick Encore last?”

Buick Encore is a subcompact SUV that broke into the market in 2012, and since then, has been the bestselling model for the brand in the United States.

This car, with its customized cargo space, can comfortably contain five persons on its flexible seating.

This article contains all you need to know concerning Buick Encore, and I hope it answers your questions about Buick Encore.

How Long Do Buick Encore Last
How Long Do Buick Encore Last

How Long Do Buick Encore Last?

The Buick Encore is a subcompact SUV that can last for about 13 years, translated to 200,000 miles, based on a mileage of 15,000 miles annually if properly maintained and driven.

Is Buick Encore reliable?

According to statistics, Buick Encore is a very reliable subcompact SUV. RepairPal rated it 4.0/5.0, placing it as No five among subcompact SUVs.

After examining Buick Encore for five years now, J.D Power rates it 85/100 based on their performance for the past five years.

Kelley Blue Book using the review of 139 customers, rates the Encore a reliability score of 4.5/5.0.

Is Buick Encore Expensive to Maintain?

Buick Encore isn’t expensive to maintain as the average annual repair cost is $466 against the average yearly repair cost of an SUV, which is 652. This will cost about $8,264 for the first ten years of service. This means that it has an average ownership cost. Also, there is a 25.14% probability that an Encore may suffer from a major breakdown, which is 3.64% worse than similar vehicles in this category.

How Long Do Buick Encore Last Before Expecting Rust?

There are not many reported cases of rusting in Buick Encores.

The newer models of Buicks Encore are more resilient to rust than other similar SUVs models.  However, vehicle maintenance and location can affect whether the car will rust or not and the rate at which it happens.  

Residents who live in coastal areas, swampy or heavily flooded areas, are advised to take precautionary efforts as salt can drastically accelerate rusting of the vehicle.

In the same way, they have not been reported cases of rusting among residents in dry and hotter areas. Only cases of paint fading are being reported here.

You should note that rust spread quickly; as such, contact your car technician anytime you experience something.

 Meanwhile, various factors can be implemented to prevent or curtail these rusting issues among residents of rust-prone areas.

  • Regular washing of the car at least twice a week, including the underside – especially after it is exposed to atmospheric conditions like rain, air and cold, including salt
  • Ceramic coating to give the car additional exterior protection.
  • Use an anti-rust spray all over the car
  • Store in a garage, which is cold, dry and neat.
  • Consult a professional for an effective rustproof treatment.

How Long Do Buick Encore Last in Comparison to other Models of the same Category?

Contained in this table is the various ways in which Buick Encore differs from other similar models.

Buick EncoreHyundai KonaJeep RenegadeMazda CX-30
Buick Encore is a subcompact SUV with a roomier structure that gives better fuel economy.Hyundai Kona is a subcompact SUV with a smaller turning radius to manoeuvre and escape quickly.Renegade the higher MSRP of the two and offers a little more horsepower.


The CX-30 is Encore’s most formidable competitor in the marketplace.
In terms of longevity, Buick Encore can live for about 13 years which is 200,000 miles.Similar to Encore, Kona lives for 13 years which is translated to 200,000 miles.Renegade has a lifespan of only ten based, which is 120,000 miles which that of Encore. which is less t


In terms of longevity, Mazda can live for 17 years, translated to 250,000 miles. This is to say that it lasts longest than Encore.
In terms of reliability, J.D. Power scored Encore a reliability rating of 85/100In terms of reliability, J.D. Power scored Kona 81/100, which is less than that of the Encore.In terms of reliability, J.D. Power rated Renegade 80/100, which is less than Encore.In terms of reliability, J.D. Power rated Mazda 80/100, which is less than Encore.
The average annual repair and maintenance cost is $466.The average annual repair and maintenance cost is $468 for the older generation.The average annual repair and maintenance cost is $468, which is more than the Encore.The average annual repair and maintenance cost is $462, more than $4 less than Encore.


How Long Do Buick Encore Last
How Long Do Buick Encore Last

How Long Do the Buick Encore’s Brakes Last?

Buick Encore’s brakes can last between 2 to 4 years which is 30,000 to 70,000 miles, based on the mileage of 15,000 miles annually. However, factors like vehicle maintenance, braking technique, and driving nature influence Buick Encore brakes’ longevity.

Controlled and smooth braking helps enhance the lifespan of your brakes; likewise, constant braking in stop-and-go traffic can cause the brakes to wear out quickly.

How Long Do Buick Encore Tires Last?

On an average scale, Buick Encore’s tire can last for approximately three years, which is 50,000 miles.

To enhance the lifespan of your vehicle, do ensure that your tires are rotated regularly to avoid possible wear and tear. Also, ensure to maintain the correct tire pressure as specified in the owner’s manual.

How Long Do Buick Encore Spark Plug Last?

Averagely, the Buick Encore can last for two years, which is 30,000 miles based on a mileage of 15,000 if driven smoothly.

Do carry out regular inspection of your spark plugs as they are responsible for creating the spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture in the vehicle. If any problem is discovered, do consult a car technician.

How Long Do Buick Encore Transmissions Last?

From research, it has been discovered that your Encore transmission can last up to 200,000 miles.

To increase the transmission’s longevity, you should make sure the car never runs dry and fix any problems immediately to avoid complications that may interfere with the smooth functioning of the transmission.

How much is the Insurance Cost of the Buick Encore?

Averagely, the annual insurance cost of a Buick Encore goes for $1,414 and  $118 monthly.

However, insurance cost varies from city to city and person to person.

What are the Best and Worst Years for the Buick Encore

During its start in the year 2021, Buick Encore experienced some forms of obstacles and challenges but overcame them as the year went by, leading it to produce better models.

What is the Worst Year for Buick Encore?

According to Car Complaints, the 2014 model is the worst model of Buick Encore. The 2014 model is recorded to have the highest complaint so far, which is 44 complaints, followed by the 2013 model, which has 42 recorded complaints.

The 2014 Encore was having frequent issues with the battery, in which the battery suddenly died off anytime. It also has problems with the power as it is insufficient and has faulty door locks.

What is the Best Year for Buick Encore?

From research, the 2020 and 2021 Buick Encore models are considered the best version of this brand, with no recorded complaints so far.  

However, the 2017 and 2019 models are considered very good the foundation upon which these newer models are built.

The 2020 ad 2021 Buick Encore is known for its advances/ latest features and technology, which make it a top-selling vehicle within its category. With no registered complaints, the 2021 and 2021 models are a sure choice of reliable and durable cars.

Also, automotive sites such as RepairPal, J.D Power, U.S. News and Car and Driver have cast a vote on confidence over the 2020 and 2021 models.

Tips to increase the longevity of your Buick Encore

  • Avoiding overloading your vehicle
  • Meeting up with the scheduled maintenance checkups.
  • Regular cleaning (both interior and exterior)
  • Regular checkups on the vehicle, including the fluid levels and tire pressures
  • Avoid rough driving; drive smoothly.
  • Use controlled braking and acceleration while on the steer.
  • Regular examination of the tire pressures periodically.
  • Check the engine oil of your vehicle every two weeks
  • Store the car in a safe, dry place. If possible, store in a garage, safe from atmospheric elements.
  • Make use of good-quality parts and fluids.
  • Using ceramic coating as a protection against rusting or other contaminates.
  • Wash the vehicle regularly, particularly when beaten by salt and snow

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