Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money? How Long Do They Last(Reviewed)

Hi Auto lovers! Unlike our other reviews, today, we will be looking at Indian motorcycles. So the question for today is, “are Indian motorcycles worth the money?”

In 1901, Indian launched its motorcycles in the US, making them the oldest and first American Motorcycle company.

The aesthetic design of the motorcycles has made them stand out amid competition in the marketplace.

Entailed in this article is all the information you buy and maintain an Indian motorcycle.

Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money
Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money

Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money?

Yes, Indian motorcycles are worth the money. Indian bikes are among the highest performing bikes globally, with great attention to quality and style. In addition, they are very reliable and hold value for an extended period.  

The other reasons that show they are worth the money include:

  • Advanced cutting-edge performance-based technology,
  • High-caliber team of professionals, including designers
  • Unique styling
  • A built-in voltmeter
  • Quality structural buildup
  • Integrated gear-driven transmission
  • Ride Command system: This enables the interface to know the below information allowing you to get better acquainted with the bike. The information that gets displayed on the interface covers the following areas:
  • Tire pressure ratio
  • Oil temperature
  • Fuel capacity
  • Elevation
  • Degree of engine temperature
  • Battery voltage

Additionally, owning an Indian bike welcomes you into the record books of the Indian dealership’s support structure that is run throughout the nation. So, you can get dealership support in your bike’s routine maintenance, part upgrades, and oil services.

How Long Do Indian Motorcycles Last?

The Indian motorcycles can last for over 100,000 miles if appropriately driven, stored correctly, serviced regularly, and handled carefully.

However, high mileage is considered at 50,000 miles. But if you follow the tips below, you are sure your Motorcycle will serve you for a long time.

Are Indian Motorcycles Good Quality?

Yes, Indian motorcycles are of good quality. They are classified as one of the best qualitative bikes globally, with Polaris as the engineer of the modern Indian line, which is known and respected globally for its performance-oriented attention to detail.

Harley Davidson, known for its attitude and styles till cant fight off the Indian bikes as Polaris who is well aware of its competitors, is devoted to developing modern Indian tech to continually give the Motorcycle a hedge in the market.

Are Indian Motorcycles Reliable?

Not only are they reliable, they are among the most respected bike brand not in the western part but the world at large. Its overhead cams, diagnostic systems,  Ride Command navigation, and integrated shaft transmissions show its reliability.

However, you can agree with me that no man is perfect; no innovation is flawless. In this case, the Indian bike has recorded a few speed bumps dysfunction cases since their re-release.

A defect in the gear position switch that the big twins equipped was noticed in 2019. 

This potential oxidation becomes a concern as oxidation on the contacts can interfere with resistance values –causing the gear indicator to produce incorrect gear to the rider. Also, the rider thinking the bike is neutral, which is not will want to release the clutch lever, which may sprout the rider to lurch forward, catching the rider off guard, and the rider may get seriously injured and risk death.

However, you don’t need to be afraid as the Indian website has a VIN tool that helps inform you whether your Indian bike has been updated with the new switch or not.

Do Indian Motorcycles Hold Their Value?

Yes, they do. If Indian Motorcycles are correctly maintained and ridden carefully, they tend to hold up to 85% of the value after five years.

However, a motorcycle is considered to be of high mileage after ridden for 50,000 miles, depreciating its value.

What is the repair and maintenance cost of the Indian Motorcycles?

Similar to Harley, the cost of maintenance of an Indian bike is comparatively the same. Only parts upgrade, parts installation, and more give the Indian motorcycles a higher cost level.

A twin motorcycle’s repair and maintenance cost, covering oil change, brake, and a top-to-bottom inspection, is $450.

What is the cost of an Indian Motorcycles?

Indian motorcycles are between the prices of $9,499 and $38,999, and this is dependent on the style, model, and performance of the model you choose.

Below are the types of Indian motorcycles and their cost.

  1. Touring:

Indian Tourers are a 116cc,  full dresser, air-cooled Thunderstroke combined with a fender, roomie tour pack, lush passenger seat, and lower leg covers.

  • The basic Roadmaster starts at $29,999.
  • The Roadmaster Darkhorse cost between $29,999 and $30,749, respectively.
  • The almighty Indian Roadmaster that is well equipped with a bell, whistle, and weather tracking software goes for a price of $38,999.
  1. Baggers

The baggers are the fastest and easiest Indian bikes known for their high transmission and aggressive specs.

  • You can get baggers with the Indian Springfield at $21,999. This is for the entry-level chieftain bagger.
  • The base model challenger cost a sum of $23,999.
  • For the chieftain classic bagger, it goes for $25,999. This chieftain classic is known to be equipped with modern perks that make looking more vintage in style.
  • The Chieftain Darkhorse goes for a whopping cost of $27,999.
  • The Chieftain Elite, an upgrade on the Darkhorse, goes for $34,999; it is known for its air-cooled, 128ft-Ib of torque, PowerPlus liquid-cooled engine, and three ride modes.
  • This monster motor rips its way out of the factory door with 128 ft-lb of torque and 122 hp, and three ride modes.
  1. Cruiser

Indian produces most of the best medium-cruisers on the market

  • A 6-speed, 1150cc Indian Scout goes for $11,999
  • A minor 1000cc-motor-equipped Scout goes for between $ 8,999 and $9,499.
  • The fully loaded Indian Scout goes for $11,999, which is very reasonable.
Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money
Are Indian Motorcycles Worth the Money

Are Indian Motorcycles 100% American-made?

Polaris Industries own the Indian Motorcycle company. Polaris has a branch factory in Opole, Poland, where it produces some of its off-road vehicles. So, currently, the Indian Motorcycle is still made in America by the Polaris industry.

Are Indian Motorcycles dependable?

The well-built structure and reliability of the Indian Motorcycle make it a great, dependable vehicle. However, this does not spell that it has immunity from accidents or faults, or malfunctions. It does, but it is usually at a minimal level if well maintained.

This is why dealership support is available to help you in such times. So never take this support for granted.

Why Choose an Indian Motorcycle?

Apart from having one of the best performing western hemispheres, Indian motorcycles are respected for their high-grade specs and performance-based engineering that produce comfortable and aggressive bikes on American soil.

Such factors as advanced Tech-aides functions, durability, reliability, styling, and dealership support stand as the factors that give the Indian motorcycles hedge over others.

How is the Indian Motorcycle Differ from other Similar Motorcycles?

The Indian motorcycles differ from other similar bikes in different ways, which include:

  • A rich, American history
  • Original aesthetic
  • Polaris’s world-class engineering and design
  • A well-coordinated and resourceful research and development teams

Let’s quickly look at some of the breakthrough periods of Indian motorcycles.

  1. The Thunder Stroke

Polaris acquired the Indian Motorcycle in 2013 and brought back to life Thunderstroke (the legendary motorbike)

The Thunderstroke broke the market with a chain-driven center, large fins to cool air, and its triple-cam design that uses a gear to turn over its front and rear cams.

To the amazement of the market, the Thunderstoke allows for a visual throwback to its old-school roots using the aid of a parallel pushrod placement. No bike at that time has developed such a technology.

In addition, the Thunderstroke engine is cross utilized; that is, you can get it in a variety of rake styles and wheelbases.

  1. Indian Challenger

Unlike anything ever seen in the vehicle marketplace, the Indian Challenger came with a newly equipped power plus engine, a 60-degree V-twin engine capable of producing 122 horsepower and 128 foot-pounds of torque.

In addition, it has an adjustable hydraulic rear shock and a 43 m fork on its front suspension.

So you can see that the Indian Motorcycle is indeed a great work of art.

What are the Pros and Limitations of the Indian Motorcycles?


  • Indian Motorcycles have a unique vintage-inspired style that is outstanding.
  • Indian Motorcycles provide a very aggressive power, world-class performance, which is excellent and uncommon for big twin bikes.
  • Indian motorcycles have more features than most of their competitors, including Harley-Davidsons.
  • Indian Motorcycle’s comfortability is top-notch. You can even sleep while driving. That’s on a lighter mood, though.


Tips to increase your Indian Motorcycles’ Durability?

  • Never miss any of scheduled maintenance date
  • Drive with caution
  • Store your Motorcycle in a garage away from harmful atmospheric conditions
  • Treat any form of malfunctions with a sense of urgency to avoid it growing into something complicated.

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I hope you enjoyed and found this article, “Are Indian Motorcycles worth the money” helpful. For further reading, you can check this out, “How Long Do Acura Last.”



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