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Motorsport is deeply embedded in European culture. In fact, from manufacturers like Lancia and Peugeot that have a prestigious rally history, to Britain’s ever-popular Rallycross contests, all the way to the most brutal endurance races like Le Mans’ 24 hour race. Le Mans. In addition, almost all of the manufacturers compete in various races across Europe to earn recognition and expand their range of vehicles. So, let’s look at the five most prestigious European Motorsport Races.

Europa’s Top Motorsport Races

1. Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo (Monte Carlo Rally)

In 1911 the rally racing discipline received a green signal in Monte-Carlo. In 1911, the Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo is the first rally race worldwide. The event began in 1909, in 1909 when Albert I, the Prince of Monaco requested that a car rally event should be held and the line of finish be located in Monte-Carlo.
So, the prince asked that the prince be granted.
The 23 drivers took off from Paris and traveled the distance of 634 miles using their filthy older vehicles. It wasn’t just speed that was the only objective however, it was also about how comfortable and elegant the cars were. Imagine how strange you’d find an Rolls-Royce Phantom blitzing across the Welsh woods of today!
Today in the present, it is currently the Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo remains an important part of European and global motorsports culture. It is featured in the World Rally Championship as an crucial stage in the competition as well as in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and the European Rally Championship. It’s not just that, it is also the Monte-Carlo Rally popularized one of the most renowned stages known as The Col de Turini. It is, in particular, a mountain pass with a narrow width which spans 19.3 miles, with steep slopes and numerous hairpins. The ice and snow are often found at the Col de Turini, testing the capabilities of drivers constantly.

2. FIA European Rallycross Championship

The European Rallycross Championship is the highest Rallycross event in Europe. But it wasn’t necessarily the first one by an enormous margin. The beginning of the time Rallycross became an event was in 1967 at the Lydden Hill Race Circuit, one of the most important racetracks that are found on the tiny island known as The British Isles. The purpose for Rallycross is to blend rally racing and the discipline of touring, which results in a thrilling and fast-paced race contest.
At first, it was awash with lots of similarities to the rally competition, taking the initial group designation that was found there and enhancing the quality of it. In the event that group B cars were exiled out of participating in World Rally Championship, they were able to find a place of residence at ERC which allowed the drivers and spectators to witness the insaneness of the group B cars in a controlled setting. Today, cars are more sensible and races are shorter and circuits are generally modest which means that even the slightest mistake can result in a loss of multiple spots in the rankings.

3. 24 Hours of Le Mans

A race that is legendary which is so well-known that the film “Ford vs. Ferrari” was inspired by Ford’s GT40 devastating story of Le Mans. The race is held in France the race is held on the Circuit de la Sarthe. It’s a complicated and dangerous race where drivers spend 85 percent of their lap time in full throttle with speeds that regularly exceed 200 miles per hour. Like the title suggests, this race is a full complete endurance race in which drivers are not judged by how fast they complete the lap, but rather on the distance they are able to travel in the span of 24 hours. Thus, this is translated into covered distances that exceed 3000 miles and putting great stress on the cars as well as the drivers.
The 24 Heures du Mans is an important race in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the most difficult race without the shadow of a doubt. It is also important to note that this race brought about many advancements in the field of automotive engineering and development that include an understanding of drag and aerodynamics and improved fuel economy and the development of hybrid engines, and numerous other.

4. British Touring Car Championship

The British Saloon Car Championship predates the British Touring Car Championship, the latter being founded in 1958. The sport is comprised of a large number of modified street vehicles racing along asphalt tracks. Because of the large amount of cars racing, their size and the track’s overall length the sport doesn’t really concentrate on speed much. It’s more about endurance and agility. Overtaking and bumping into each other is not uncommon and even acceptable.
Numerous tracks with high-interest are home to many tracks of high interest host the British Touring Car Championship, like the famous Brands Hatch or the almighty Silverstone. It is noteworthy that all of the tracks are fast and short which is why the numerous laps that makes this race so demanding. A collision with someone who is too strong could result in a serious accident, even though the average speed is lower than anticipated.

5. 24 Hours of Spa

The Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps is another track that is well-known throughout the world. It hosts races such as the FIA Formula One championship while also hosting several endurance races. This includes race number 24 Hours of Spa. The most significant aspect of Belgian racetrack’s development was in actual fact the 24 Hours of Le Mans, being an alternative to the Circuit de la Sarthe or the Nurburgring Nordschleife.
It is not just highly technical due to its complicated turns, with strange apexes and fine brake points and complex race tracks, it is also due to its numerous high-speed sections. With the duration that is 4.32 miles, racers are often pushed to the limit by the well-known Raidillon turn, a brutally speedy downhill turn that finishes with a soft, blind left. If they make a mistake, they could result in a loss of time, or even end the race faster than anticipated.

Additional Motorsport Races of Note

There are certainly other European races that are worth attending such as the WRC Rallys as well as The Goodwood Festival of Speed, and the Nurburgring 24 Hours, just to mention just a few. In all these types of events display the automobile world in its finest form while offering participants the chance to gain some attention.

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